martes, 15 de julio de 2008

The Soul of Korea

South Korea is an extremely progressive country in East Asia. As everybody knows, through hard work it has become one of the world's economic powerhouses. Right now, it presses forward with the intention of heading, as a modern technological society, into the XXIst century.
Currently, South Korea creates, develops, markets, and sells ideas and products which make our everyday lives easier and better. For this purpose it has unleashed its people's creativity and productivity. A true world leader in its field!
Becoming a modern, affluent, industrialized society after starting as a poor, rural one has not been easy. Still, Korea didn't loose its soul in the process.
I have witnessed, as I travel through this land, both faces of Korea: the modern, industrial, hard-working South Korea, and the Korea of family life, respect to the ancient ways, and strongly tied to its rich history.
After working hard through the week, Koreans visit their national historical monuments, they eat -mostly- Korean food, revere their national symbols with pride, and stick to traditional ways. This way, South Korea has the best of both worlds: a modern and technological society with a good quality of life, yet strongly attached to its ancient culture. Not even a long and hard history of colonial domination, invasion, and war destroyed South Korea's soul.
I hope Korea's soul stays intact forever!

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